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Who would ever have imagined that a performing troupe of dancers— American college students from the Llano Estacado—would have toured Germany, becoming the toast of every community in which they performed. Such it was with the Texas Tech German Dancers.

The group's authentic performance of beloved German folk dances proved to be a unique catalyst for all. And what a colorful, joyful catalyst it was: The students experienced an amazingly rich course of study in German language and culture, and their tours promoted yet another remarkable connection between Texas and Germany. The group performed from 1982 until 1987, and neither the students who formed the amazing troupe nor the Germans in their European audiences are likely to forget the splendid folk dancers—from Texas.

Special Honor

During the summer of 1983, the governor of Texas, Mark White, designated the troupe the "Texas State German Dancers & Ambassadors of Good Will." (The 1983 German Dancers tour was in fact called the "Friendship Tour.")

The honor bestowed by Governor White was exceptional recognition of the troupe's unique celebratory message—that the long relationship between Texas and Germany is dynamic and alive. The natural fellowship and connections with both Texans and Germans which resulted from their tours stand as testaments to the incredible Texan-German contributions that have shaped the state's history.


Fortunately, two great videos documenting the Texas Tech German Dancers were created and have been safely preserved.

One, shot at TTU's Public Television station KTXT, Channel 5, illustrates a favorite dance the troupe performed. A second video was created by Mr. Greg Geiss (then Director of the Language Learning Laboratory at Texas Tech, and noted alumnus of TTU's German Graduate Program), which utilizes photos and slides to follow the touring adventures of the group.

TTU German Dancers Performing