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Students & Dr. McClain in Quedlinburg

Students at the Quedlinburg Center

TTU Students in Quedlinburg

Students & Dr. McClain with TTU Provost in Quedlinburg

Family in Quedlinburg

Special Family in Quedlinburg

Dr. McClain With Special Friends in Quedlinburg

Dr. McClain With Special Friends at an Art Opening in Quedlinburg

U.S. Ambassador Murphy in Quedlinburg

U.S. Ambassador Murphy in Quedlinburg

U.S. Ambassador Murphy in Quedlinburg

U.S. Ambassador Murphy in Quedlinburg

Consul General in Quedlinburg Being Interviewed

Consul General in Quedlinburg

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Adobe Architecture

Enriching By Design

When Dr. McClain envisioned the TTU immersion program in Quedlinburg, she knew that boundless personal experiences awaited each and every student. The value of learning the German language in such an incredible setting was self evident. What was another known but perhaps not as easily defined would be the incredibly enriching adventure each student was destined to experience.

Mission Accomplished

The benefits of being abroad in the course of a college career are simply hard to describe (except among those who have experienced it). And each person's journey usually takes on its own unique emphasis. This was certainly true for the students who experienced Quedlinburg.

For some, a profound focus was a love of speaking German, in an environment rife with every conceivable opportunity to learn, to practice, and to absorb. For others, it was learning German, of course, but it was also connecting with new friends or with colleagues in a future vocation. For a few, it meant reconnecting with family heritage, or amazingly, meeting a soulmate (and later spouse).

Obviously, the spectrum of opportunity that the TTU Program in Quedlinburg represented is a story that spans many chapters, all punctuated with fascinating personal tales. Regardless of where the students may venture in the future, they will never forget their time in Quedlinburg. Indeed, the learning, living, and adventures found there have no doubt become an inseparable positive part of who they are. In that, the Quedlinburg Program exceeded its best goal of all.

New Horizons

Naturally, many of the relationships forged in Quedlinburg will continue. For one example, while the TTU instructional program has now concluded, new programs with other institutions are being designed.

In addition, the cultural and civic connections to Quedlinburg, spanning art to music and everything in between, are always a potential slate for new developments. The opportunities are as limitless as Quedlinburg itself.