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Radio Interview

German Interview Portrait of Meredith McClain by free-lance German radio Journalist, Kirsten Poggendorff, for the culture program for MDR (Middle German Radio), Figaro. Recorded December 26, 2010.

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Poster Gallery

The City of Quedlinburg has produced a stunning set of seven posters promoting Quedlinburg. These especially highlight the architecture of Quedlinburg, including the famed timber-framed houses as well as lesser known Art Nouveau masterpieces. The posters also offer grand glimpses of contemporary life and of the people who call Quedlinburg home.


Please visit the Quedlinburg Photogallery, which includes a number of photos taken over the span of the TTU instructional program, photos of friends who live in Quedlinburg, and other interesting events and occasions.


UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) produced a very good video with an emphasis on the architecture of the city, particularly the timber-framed houses, many of which are hundreds of years old.

Link to Quedlinburg UNESCO on YouTube

Brochure: Quedlinburg—Cradle of Germany

Quedlinburg--Cradle of Germany BrochureUNESCO has produced a very nice brochure booklet about many of Quedlinburg's amazing points of interest, historical and modern. The 12-page booklet is in English and very informative, especially for those planning their first visit to Quedlinburg.

Travel Overview of Quedlinburg

Beautifully informative and produced, the following video is recommended, in choice of English or German:

• Three Travel Tips

• drei Reisetipps

The Future

While the Texas Tech program in Quedlinburg has come to its successful conclusion, plans are underway to again bring the spirit of learning and student enrichment to the historic mansion in Quedliburg. Developed by an inspired team, the proposed program, "Klopstock Campus Quedlinburg," or "KCQ," will continue the vision of students learning German, and German culture, in the incredible community of Quedlinburg. The initial proposal is available for those interested.


Incredible History

With a fascinatingly rich history, a community comprised of great people, and resourceful, progressive city management, Quedlinburg is simply a jewel. This is for myriad reasons, not the least of which is the fact that it has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Dr. McClain at the ITB in Berlin

Its centuries-old evolution includes many challenges faced and good fortunes found, which all combine in an account which rivals fiction.

In modern day life, Quedlinburg has also been the source of positive enrichment by the next generation of Texans: students who studied at the Texas Tech University program in Quedlinburg. They will never forget their adventures in the incredible little town that was once part of East Germany.

As important as they are, its UNESCO designation and the TTU Quedlinburg Center are but two small elements in the amazing tale of Quedlinburg. This Web site will seek to become a repository for a great deal of information about Quedlinburg, including TTU's innovative language program which operated there from 2005-2011.